Er, independent minded children…

White House counterterrorism and Homeland Security adviser Lisa Monaco gave a speech this week in which she urged parents to watch their children for signs of “confrontational” behavior which could be an indication of them becoming terrorists.

Monaco lamented the fact that, “The government is rarely in a position to observe these early signals,” encouraging parents to act as watchdogs to detect radicalization in line with President Obama’s goal of combating homegrown extremism.

White House Counterterror Chief: “Confrontational” Children Could be Terrorists


Nothing… I and mean NOTHING… surprises me anymore at what comes out of the mouths of bureaucrats.

And remember… If you see something, say something!


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BLM Whistleblower: Reid Bunkerville and the Military Industrial Complex at Bundy Ranch…

See also: Walmart and solar mega site.

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Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty…

New Footage Shows How Close Bundy Standoff Came To A Massacre – See video

Bundy Family Alleges Damage By Feds at Ranch, Cattle Buried in Mass Grave – See video

How Much Damage Was Done To Bundy’s Property By BLM? – See video

“We are worried that he might, and he might use that defense.”

harry reid solar power china bundy

The - Problem

This land is not your land, it’s their land


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Stubby finger stubbier…

Had the rest of my first digit removed this afternoon, so posts will be limited for a while. There were/are just to many complications from when it was initially torn off back in August of 2013. Possibly one more op after this.

IMG341IMG337IMG342Doing fine, but a little sore.

I appreciate you all. Don’t forget the links at the right… and be sure to visit WRSA every day.

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Spread the Love…

Bureau of Land Management – Facebook 2014-4-14 19 2 18

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Uh-oh… domestic ter-er-er-ists!

Cliven Bundy has refused to comply with the law since 1993 when he stopped paying for permits to have his cattle graze on federal lands. Unlike other ranchers in the region, he is a freeloader who defiantly refuses to pay for grazing permits and who rejects the authority of the federal government to enforce the law.


Turning anti-government ranchers who advocate waging war on the federal government into heroes simply emboldens domestic terrorists to feel justified in murdering federal officials with self-righteous zeal.

Lawbreaking Rancher Cliven Bundy Wins Victory That Will Embolden Domestic Terrorists

A scientist speaks…

“This situation is simply outrageous”, said Rob Mrowka, a senior scientist with the Center for Biological Diversity.

Tortoises Suffer While BLM Allows Trespass Cattle to Eat for Free in Nevada Desert

How to handle the precious when visiting Nevada – Here

Continental-Congress - 1

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See these guys…

These are armed federal agents.


They were going to kill a Cattle Rancher, if need be, on behalf Senator Harry Reid and the Chinese.

They were going to kill a Cattle Rancher, if need be, on behalf of Desert Tortoises.

The federal government claims that a Cattle Rancher owes them user fee’s for grazing his cattle on its territory, which his family has grazed on since 1870, and brought in federal agents to confiscate his cattle and kill him if necessary.

This is a picture of the land that the federal government claims to own:

federal_land_mapThe federal government claims ownership of 84.5 percent of Nevada. The federal government claims to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever. “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” does not apply here. The District of Columbia and it’s territories are NOT a State. These red areas are nothing more than an extension of the District of Columbia, the seat of the federal government… its exclusive territory… to exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever.

Where do the Sovereign 50 States of the Union begin? And where do they end?

Update: Enumerated purposes (Seems I had a few rounds on the same subject with a couple of fed lickers just a few days ago).


“The door isn’t closed. We’ll figure out how to move forward with this,” BLM spokesman Craig Leff told the Associated Press, adding, “The BLM and National Park Service did not cut any deal and negotiate anything, there was no deal we made.”

To… game the resolve and practicality of the people.

So, they’ll have to send in armed federal agents, once again.

Remember: The FEDS and its AGENTS, in all its glory…


When you defy Rome.

Will not stop… ever…

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” – G. Washington

Get it… while you… still can

It is the bureaucratic mind at work

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Your fair share…

The planned destruction of these united States of America is all but accomplished because Americans who do care and want to turn things around don’t know the truth about all of the above. I fully support the tea party movement, 9-12 groups and all the thousands of other patriotic groups around the country. However, until we all get on the same sheet of music, we cannot kill the cancer instead of just more treating the symptoms…


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Eye, meet dew…

Since President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act in July 1947, which created the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and effectively officialized the already-existing national security state, all key positions of these organizations, as well as the State Department, have been under the control of CFR members. Actually, since its very creation, the national security state has been an operation totally under the control of the oil magnates, Wall Street banksters and CEOs of transnational corporations ensconced in the CFR. The national security state has been the tool these people have used to advance their spurious goals under a cover of patriotism.

The national security state is not a cause, but a symptom

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Retreating is not abandonment…

In response to the 1973 protests, Armed FBI agents, U.S. Marshals, SWAT teams, and teams of Wilson’s paramilitary “GOON Squad” formed an iron ring around the village of Wounded Knee. Colonel Vic Jackson, head of the Pentagon’s Civil Disorder Management School, was called upon by the FBI to implement the notorious “Operation Garden Plot” martial law blueprint. The FBI’s plan called for the Army would invade and “pacify” the village before the FBI went in to “arrest” whoever might survive the onslaught. Armored Personnel Carriers were on hand to deal with what were described as “bunkers” (and were, in fact, root cellars). Phantom F-4 jets flew low-altitude reconnaissance runs over the town.

The Regime Doesn’t Handle Defeat Gracefully

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Someone said, “Watch the other hand.”


Sheriff Announces BLM Will Cease Operation

It appears as if their strategy will be to wait it out


For every step you think you take in the name of liberty, they are taking a mile from you, and the minds of your children.

Common Core Wants Children to Rewrite Bill of Rights

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already. . . . What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

They are the future. Not you. You will pass on… like your fathers before you. And here you are. Imagine where your children will be.

I say your civilization because as soon as we started thinking for you, it really became our civilization, which is, of course, what this is all about: Evolution, Morpheus, evolution. Like the dinosaur. Look out that window. You had your time. The future is our world, Morpheus. The future is our time. – Agent Smith, The Matrix

banyan-treeHacking at the leaves of tyranny. One leaf at a time.

And you know what’s funny? Everyone keeps saying that Bin Laden won.

Bin Laden was… convenient.

Meanwhile… Cow farts.



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Solar Power and Cows…

Another BLM report entitled Regional Mitigation Strategy for the Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone (BLM Technical Note 444) reveals that Bundy’s land in question is within the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone and surrounding area” which is part of a broad U.S. Department of Energy program for “Solar Energy Development in Six Southwestern States” on land “managed” by BLM.

BLM attempted cover-up of Sen. Reid/Chinese gov’t takeover of ranch for solar farm

See also…

Chinese To Spend Billions On American Real Estate

And plenty more where the last link above came from.

Go shopping America.

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Picture: Grandma and her young grandchild…

Now picture…

I felt like I was in Mexico, or someplace third world… where they force someone to their knees before they shoot them in the back of the head.

Family forced from minivan, brought to knees, held at gunpoint after museum outing

As grandma Alice and 8-year-old Aaron walked around the parked cars, someone dialed 9-1-1 to report a suspicion of car burglary.

See how far the Dept. of Homeland Sturmabteilung if you see something, say something has gone? And your country is full of busy little bee Stasi snitches and government boot lickers.

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Are they?

Despite popular belief, every culture of every nation draws a line in the sand against government tyranny. The problem is, many draw this line so close to total defeat that it rarely matters.

Real Americans Are Ready To Snap

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A cowboy: “If they fire the first shot, we will fire the rest!”

The only way the legitimacy can be destroyed:

County Commissioner Says Bundy Supporters “Better Have Funeral Plans”

Tom Collins - 1

BLM attempted cover-up of Sen. Reid/Chinese gov’t takeover of ranch for solar farm

Heavily armed federal thugs surround cowboys ranch

Sheriff Gillespie is the top elected law enforcement officer in Clark County and he has abdicated his role as sheriff leaving the people of Clark County void of protection from abuse by the federal government.

More at Pete’s place at Western Rifle Shooters Association


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The high priests of biocentrism and their bureaucratic allies…

During the late 1990s – a period in which Babbitt, appropriately, was mired in a scandal involving decades of federal fraud, embezzlement, and graft in the Indian Trust Fund System — ranchers rallied to hold off the federal assault. But like the Plains Indians, the ranchers were facing an implacable enemy unburdened with respect for the law and blessed with access to limitless resources.

Of the 52 ranchers in his section of Nevada, Cliven Bundy is the only one who has refused to go back to the reservation. So the heirs to Sherman and Sheridan have mobilized an army to protect hired thieves who have come to steal the Bundy family’s cattle with the ultimate purpose of driving him from the land.

The Cliven Bundy Standoff: Wounded Knee Revisited?

And be sure to read:

Who owns the West?

A point I have been trying get into a few colander heads. And do try really really hard to understand what “Equal Footing” is and means… huh, Will?

Will? Will? Did you scurry off to your rabbit hole?

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What are they feeding these cops?

Thug Cop to Property Owner, “Touch me Again and I’ll Put you in the F***ing Hospital!”

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Something to think about…

“There is a difference here in America, you know. Americans are armed. They will not allow such a takeover.” He replied, “It doesn’t matter.”

‘What is going on in America?’

monarchpavlov's_bellDing-Ding. Ding-Ding.

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Parallels – And here we are…

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Go here and read the roving line in the sand. Pay attention also to the comments. It’s like throwing up your arms and not fighting back… because you will be accused of starting it… and SO IT GOES. As always. Which is it? Are we afraid of our own shadow? Or theirs?

Okay. Now, go here, here, here, here, and here. Via Western Rifle Shooters Association.

And remember…

G-Grandpa Lindsey Cowboy

Well, there is always those pretty butterflies and bells…

monarchpavlov's_bellDing-Ding. Ding-Ding.

The forever roving line in the sand. But, you know… one day, it will stop roving, and the enough already will beckon us to come a’calling.

well… I guess there is the old they’re taking our guns fall-back.

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Doncha know, it’s because we be black…

A fed-up Attorney General Eric Holder is accusing congressional critics of launching “unprecedented, unwarranted, ugly and divisive” attacks on him and the Obama administration.

Fed-Up Eric Holder


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About those Tortoises…

BLM to kill hundreds of desert tortoises as its conservation center runs out of money

More on those Tortoises
that the government cares so much about.

And… still sticking it to a rancher over the Tortoise.

And: The BLM says they’re moving in, not to encroach on the man’s property rights, but because Bundy didn’t pay “grazing fees,” which the Bureau has imposed on land developers “who disturb tortoise habitat on public land,” according to the Associated Press.

G-Grandpa Lindsey Cowboy

Be sure to watch Americans face off with Federal Sturmabteilung at Pete’s place – WRSA

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Boot licking in disguise…

“And our sheriff says he just doesn’t have authority, our governor says he doesn’t have authority, and we’re saying, why are we a state?”

Show me anywhere in the constitution where the federal government has the power to arbitrarily federalize State land.

See: Article 1, Section 8: Clause 17




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Vast amount of discretion…

“There is a vast amount of discretion that a president has — and, more specifically, that an attorney general has,” Holder responded. “But that discretion has to be used in an appropriate way so that your acting consistent with the aims of the statute but at the same time making sure that you are acting in a way that is consistent with our values, consistent with the Constitution and protecting the American people.”

Never think that that was just a big deal to me

You don’t want to go there, buddy!’ [VIDEO]


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My father always gave us good Christmases. And my sister made good use of her tricycle chasing me around and trying to run me over…


And the tail end of my Grandfathers Bel Air. He ran moonshine during the prohibition. Shot twice and stabbed once.


My grandfather, me, and my father. 1959

Below grandfather around 1938-40.


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Worse than you imaginemilitaryregionalcommanderForgot about these guys… huh?

USA - American Flag - Man Peering


Pretty Butterflies.


Ding-Ding … Ding-Ding

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Profoundly abnormal society…

“The real hopeless victims of mental illness are to be found among those who appear to be most normal. Many of them are normal because they are so well adjusted to our mode of existence, because their human voice has been silenced so early in their lives that they do not even struggle or suffer or develop symptoms as the neurotic does. They are normal not in what may be called the absolute sense of the word; they are normal only in relation to a profoundly abnormal society. Their perfect adjustment to that abnormal society is a measure of their mental sickness. These millions of abnormally normal people, living without fuss in a society to which, if they were fully human beings, they ought not to be adjusted.” – Aldous Huxley – Brave New World Revisited

Let that sink in… extremists.

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More on: Because Desert Tortoise…

Before we go to the link, I live in the Mojave Desert. And, they worship their Tortoises here too. On most given days during the warmer months out in the desert, I can find at least one of these shy creatures… er. almost extinct creatures. And they ARE NOT to be touched and disturbed! I’ve saved 3 in the past 10 years. 2 on their backs and one in a ditch. Criminal, I know. Like having a dead Eagles feather. And let me tell you a real Tortoise hor-er-er-er story. I have a friend who has a pet Tortoise. Well, maybe the Tortoise adopted my friend. Either way, the Tortoise will not leave his, or is it his, property. Likes to hang out in the porch shade where he attempts to ride up your leg… although not very convincingly (but dern-it, he tries). Been around about 8 years. And then there is the Great Horned owl… Ever have a Red Tailed Hawk count coup on you? Been stalked by a Bob Cat? Anyhow…


And never fear, they want to ban Cow farts.

Cowboy G-Grandpa Lindsey… the notorious Tortoise hater and perpetrator of cow farts!

Wanted, Dead or Alive by the BLM and EPA!

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Tax Freedom Day!

By April 21, to group says, Americans will have made enough to pay the $3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state taxes — more than they will spend on food clothing and housing combined.

Wave the flag and sing God bless America!


Meanwhile, we have a president and congress that has borrowed more FRN’s than all other presidents combined, Where is all that FRN’s going? What is it paying for?

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All this waiting, hoping, and belief that “if we can just get the right candidate in office who will really champion our values, whether from the left or right” is the very belief system that is destroying our nation. No government program and no political leader can save America. All the endless debates and interviews on cable television and radio about getting rid of this politician and putting in that politician cannot solve our problems.

Those laws or programs are mirrored by the scientific laws of physics and biology when they are accurate

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Con-Con Hockus Poke Us…

In addition, revitalization of the Militia is the only means available to obviate the threat of “martial law”. As my forthcoming book, By Tyranny Out of Necessity: The Bastardy of “Martial Law”, will explain, “martial law” as most Americans understand it is anti-constitutional bunkum. The only “martial” institutions to which the Constitution delegates the authority and responsibility “to execute the Laws of the Union” are the Militia. So the only constitutional form of “martial law”—that is, “law” administered in a fully constitutional manner by some “martial” institutions—must be executed by the Militia, and only the Militia or only subject to the Militia’s control. The Militia, of course, are comprised of We the People themselves. So, if constitutional “martial law” had to be put into effect as the result of a national economic crisis, it would be controlled by the People themselves, and on that basis would hardly pose a threat to the People, unless the People were so politically psychotic that they would go about oppressing themselves.


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Cornbread and Watermelon…

Students Fed Up With Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Overhaul — Menu-Item Snapshots Spell Out Why


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Because Desert Tortoise…


Armed agents are forming a military-like staging area to prevent anyone from approaching the area.

But nobody is thinking about that. Why would they? They’re all thinking about the desert tortoise

Armed Feds Prepare For Showdown With Nevada Cattle Rancher

Great Grampa Guy W Lindsey

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Why do you think they are doing this?

Adolf Hitler will tell you exactly why…

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.” – Adolf Hitler

Drill that into your heads.

13 yr old suspended in Vernon NJ for Twirling a pencil like a gun

They are setting up your children and grandchildren for an absolute totalitarian society.

This is all shock therapy.

And every boy or girl who goes against the grain, is but a shocking example to the rest.

And in other news…

Mainstream Media Warns: Fort Hood Shooter Was “Stockpiling Weapons and Ammunition”

Are you getting the picture America?

Or are you tuned in to your regularly scheduled programming?

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You have to wonder, what drug is this guy on?

Therefore, the Bill of Rights is safe, and this is no reason to oppose Article V on this ground.

Yeah. Just search around this blog, or any of the blogs on the side-bar… and then say, with a straight face… “The Bill of Rights is safe.”

Because, you know… words on a piece of paper are self enforcing and the constitution, whether the old one, or a new one by con-con… are the people’s liberty teeth. Right?

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Officer Wuss In hiding…

Tucson’s police department has reassigned Mann after a large number of anonymous threats were made against him, reports the Daily Mail.


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As always…

Police Benevolent Association President James Carver said more people could have died if not for Budimlic’s actions.

“Police officers must make split-second decisions and don’t have the luxury of sitting back and waiting,” he said.

And Andrea Rebello is still dead.

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Role Playing…

“Seeking Individuals To Act As Role Players…In A Mass Casualty Exercise”

Trained Players and Actors Making It Real

CRISIS ROLEPLAY ACTORS: Psychologically prepared in criminal and victim behaviour


Setting The Stage For Tyranny: Public Schools Deliberately Create A Culture Of Fear



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She simply tried to make a U-turn and leave…

New revelations about mom killed by Capitol cops


Upon arriving, she apparently made a wrong turn into a White House entrance, tried to leave, was chased by heavily armed officers and ultimately shot dead by police in the shadow of the Capitol.

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Spiritual Babylon…

Support ‘gays’ in ranks or quit, chiefs told

Whose Side Is God on Now?

And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird!


Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.

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Refuse medical treatment for a urinary tract infection…

The elderly man had refused medical treatment for a urinary tract infection, and reportedly became belligerent. Police who were called to the scene fired a Taser that failed to hit Wrana, and then shot him with bean-bag rounds fired from a shotgun. He died hours later of internal bleeding, authorities said.

One count of reckless conduct

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Officer stupid head…

This Horribly Incompetent Cop Will Make You Yell at Your Screen

Public education?

Someone should show this to his daddy… if he has a daddy.

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We didn’t love freedom enough…

Curtis said…

None of the responses surprise me. It is always a rehash of 30 years of responses that I have seen over and over again.

And you know what… Here we are. Imagine where we will be. In another 30 years from now, proudly and defiantly proclaiming, “MY GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS!” And there you are, and your children, and your grandchildren, shackled with another 30 years of laws and regulations. 30 years more worth of a serf.

Of course, by this time, your children, under the guidance of the State, are looking at you like some kind of fruitcake. Your grandchildren are turning you in.

How do I know this? Are any of your children lamenting the fact that you can not order that nice 22 out of the Sears catalog? Out of sight, out of mind, and acclimatized.

And imagine where we will be. One little law at a time. One generation at a time. And “they will know nothing else but this new community.”

So go look your children right in the eyes and exclaim to them, “Posterity, you will never know how much it cost the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make a good use of it.”

“If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough.”

30, 60, 100 years of enough, is obviously, not enough. Well here you are. Imagine where your children will be. Following in YOUR footsteps.

Group hug anyone?
April 3, 2014 at 1:41 PM

From My Cold Dead Hand

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Ambien, all better now…

The Fort Hood shooter who killed three and injured 16 as it is revealed he was being assessed for PTSD, was taking Ambien

Another multi-billion dollar legal pharmaceutical induced psychotic event.

Ambien side effects (you know, to make you all better):

Confusion, confusion about identity place and time, discouragement, fast irregular pounding or racing heartbeat or pulse, feeling sad or empty, irritability, loss of interest or pleasure, trouble concentrating, anxiety, decreased awareness or responsiveness, depersonalization, euphoria, dysphoria, hyperventilation, paranoia, quick to react or overreact emotionally, rapidly changing moods, Attack assault or force, delusions, dementia, lack of feeling or emotion, thoughts of killing oneself or changes in behavior, uncaring, loss of memory…

Americans, the most legally drugged peoples on this planet.

And you wonder why?


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“You are not under arrest. You are free to go,” the cop says in the video. “You’re just going to happen to walk home, and I’m just going to happen to make sure you get home safely — and as soon as you get home safely, you will never see us again.”

Then the situation took an unexpected turn.

Officer Tells Texas Man Openly Carrying Rifle He’s ‘Free to Go’ – It’s Hard to Believe What Happened Just Two Minutes Later

“The Taser malfunctioned and did not stop after the five seconds,” the police report states. “I had to manually shut off the Taser.”


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Update: Sturmabteilung…

The video I posted here was taken down due to some copyright violation.

But never fear, if you haven’t seen the video, you can see it here at PoliceOne.Com under the heading: Video: Ariz. cops under fire for riot ‘blindside’. Watch it in full screen.

The added bonus of course, is that you can also read the copthink to this incident.


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Heart warming…


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Romney Wordsworth, the Chancellor, and the State…

The Obsolete Man




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How they think…

Park Police defended the tickets, claiming that “volunteers were instructed to abide by all park rules and to call police if special assistance was needed.”

There is no right or wrong. There is only the law and regulations

Or… Hi! We’re from the government!

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